A Fun Little Swing-Along

Update May 2011: Sadly SoundCloud took down a few of these due to copyright violations. Spoilsports.

I’ve been having way too much fun with the new python scripts released by the Echo Nest Remix Project. These are a bunch of geeky little command line scripts that let you treat music as data, figuring out where the beats and measures are in a song, then letting you go wild from there.

Their hello world script pulls out the first beat of each measure of a song to make a weird sounding chopped up version. Other scripts play a song backwards by playing the beats in reverse order, starting with the last beat and ending on the first. My favorite script by far, tho, is the swinger script which adds, well, swing to songs. Technically it stretches the first half of each beat and shortens the second half, giving songs a swing beat. Like this:

Born To Be Wild (swing version) by davermont

Short Skirt, Long Jacket (swing version) by davermont

Even Calvin’s music wasn’t safe; here’s the swing version of Hey:

Hey (swing version) by davermont

Or Robin’s favorite:

Seattle (swing version) by davermont

And some others:

With Or Without You (swing version) by davermont

Every Breath You Take (swing version) by TeeJay