An interesting and wonderful day for the kids. Kate’s job interviews at Enterprise went amazingly well (in typical Kate fashion), and she’s looking forward to her third interview; she just left for play rehearsal. Julie and Dan got the apartment in Maine they applied for, and they move in tomorrow. And Calvin, Gage and Chris are going to the seventh grade dance (his first).

Meanwhile, Rob and I are staying home and watching the Lost In Translation DVD.

Back to normal

…or at least a convincing imitation 🙂

The PowerBook has been up and running for a few days now, and Barry and I had a productive day at House-Mouse yesterday.

I’m realizing that networks helped save a lot of my important files. My client sites were backups for me (just as I am a backup for them). And all the songs I bought over the past two years from the iTunes Music Store were backed up on the music server and the iPod.

Those backups weren’t created consciously, they just happened as part of what I normally do. But because the network is there (both our house network and the internet), it would be easy to make backup copies of important files, I just need to remember to do that.

I haven’t totally realized yet that my computer extends far beyond the physical box I carry around with me; Its reach extends to the other computers in the house, and elsewhere on the internet.