Fall Bike Ride

The foliage has been spectacular for the past week, and it’s been pretty warm as well. Today it’s a little cooler, in the high 50s, and perfect weather to bike to the reservoir and back. Kate and Matt are off watching the Patriots game downtown, Calvin’s off to Doogie’s for a band practice, and Rob’s off taking fall foliage shots (to be posted, stay tuned). The ride was slow in spots, but I made it there without having to stop, but not to say without a fair bit of huffing and puffing in spots. A lot of other people decided to go to the reservoir as well, but I saw only one other person who had biked there. Woot!

Found where Robin had parked her car and sat underneath a small apple tree closeby, taking a well deserved break and just chilling out for a while. She came back just as I was getting ready to leave, but we took time for a long leisurely hug before we heading back home, she on her steed, me on mine.

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