Getting Back Into Brewing

A month ago I brewed a batch of Belgian ale, a clone of Chimay Tripel. I agree with Tim, who says that the Chimay is one of the best beers ever, and since I hadn’t made a Belgian in a couple years it was time. I only bottled it last week, and even tho Belgians need 3-6 months to age I was curious and popped open a bottle today. It has a gorgeous light amber color with a nice head, and a wonderful sweet taste that’s light on the tongue. It’s still young, and the sweetness has a candy-like character since it hasn’t had much chance to develop any complexity. This is gonna be a good one in a few months! This batch was brewed to be Christmas presents, hope folks enjoy it.

There are only a few more pints of the American Amber left in the keg, but luckily I’ve got another batch that should be ready to keg on Monday. Since discovering “Switchback”:, a locally brewed amber that’s to die for, I’ve been on a quest to make my own version of that fine ale and now that I’ve gotten used to having it around that means I need to brew another batch every few weeks. It’s a burden I happily bear 😉

*UPDATE 12/20*
The Belgian is now officially labelled as _Ninja Dave’s Nunchuk Belgian_, using a fine photo Julie took of me in ninja headgear (aka black sweatshirt, from a video found on YouTube). This is a limited run of six 24oz bottles, so getting one is a rare treat indeed. Luckily there are another six half-gallon growlers of the Belgian (unlabelled), plus that keg of Amber, so there’s no shortage of beer to go around.

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