Getting Things Done

I just went to David Allen’s seminar GTD: The RoadMap and I’m already implementing a few of his ideas. As much as I want to be on top of my To Do List, I have to admit that there is a part of me that takes comfort in only being vaguely aware of what I need to do. That part seems to be a defense mechanism to keep me from feeling overwhelmed by all the things that need doing. If I had a system in place to get those things done, however, there would be no more need to play that game with myself, and (according to David) I could attain a Zen-like state of “mind like water.” Now that would be nice.

What he says does make a lot of sense, and I know only too well how lousy my brain is at keeping track of what I need to to, and I rely on a number of lists to help me remember what to do when. GTD says to make a list of “next actions,” organize it by where the actions need to be done (can only do home things when I’m home, for instance), review it every week or two and keep it up to date, and look at it as often as you need to get things done.

I realized today that I have far fewer projects, loose ends and Things To Do than if I worked in the corporate world, and I feel pretty grateful for that.

An excellent seminar, I’d highly recommend it. Now to get everyone I know to take it 😉

**Update Oct 3**
Hey, this stuff really works! I knocked a good half dozen things off my list today, including sending out invoices to clients and a running a bunch of errands. It was actually pretty easy, just a matter of paying attention to what needs to be done. I picked up a pocket-sized moleskine notebook to carry around with me, it’s great for writing down things I need to remember (and would otherwise probably forget), ideas, etc.

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