On the spur of the moment yesterday Robin convinced me to take a trip to the Ikea store in Montreal to get some end tables for each side of the bed. We’ve never been to Ikea, but we like what’s in the catalog and have heard a lot of good things about it. Montreal is only two hours north of us, but the idea of driving to a big city in another country is always exciting (we’re so provincial). The only snag was that Calvin had been invited to go to the movies later on, and we wouldn’t be back in time to drive him. Gage’s family was going to be at a game so he was in the same boat. We decided to have a cab pick them up at the appointed time, and Gage’s family would bring them home later. With that plan in place, we set out to points north.

Just outside of Montreal traffic ground to a standstill, and the last five miles took about an hour. But we finally made it to Ikea, which turned out to be a great place after all. The idea is that most of the store (which is very large) is showroom space, where you can check out items, see them in different styles and get your questions answered. If you like something, you write down the aisle and bin number on its tag. When you’re ready to go, you head downstairs to a large warehouse, where you find your items with the aisle and bin numbers you wrote down earlier. I’ve never seen a warehouse store that was so smooth.

We ended up getting two wood end tables (tall with slatted shelves), and two small globe lamps to go on top of them.

We had dinner at a great little Szechuan restaurant downtown, then proceeded to get lost trying to find the right highway out of the city. After a frustrating hour we finally got back on track, and got home tired and pretty much just flopped into bed.

We set up the end tables this morning and they do look great. Mission, as they say, accomplished.