Sony’s PSP (Playstation Portable) was released yesterday, and I picked one up because of one game: “Lumines”:1. It’s a block-based puzzle game, like Tetris (which I got hooked on back in the late 80s with the original GameBoy).

Lumines adds color, a soundtrack integrated with the game, and background animations and visuals that add a few new dimensions to the genre. The game was designed by the same guy who brought us Space Channel 5 (loved that too), so I knew it would be good. And it is. It’s a piece of art, where music and video and gameplay become a thing of beauty. I like it a lot.

The PSP itself is pretty amazing, too. The screen is big, bright and beautiful, and the controls are a pleasure to use. But those you expect. They managed to squeeze in a CD-like drive, wireless networking (which tied into our TinyTunes network quite painlessly), USB port and even an infrared port for some unknown reason. The drive not only loads games, but plays music and even movies and looks stunning.

And the built-in rechargable batteries are giving me over four hours of gameplay.

Thanks to my new obsession, the unread headlines in NetNewsWire are starting to stack up.

Time for one more game…