Mac Software I Love

These are the apps I use and depend on every day.

Google Chrome has been my web browser of choice for a few years now, it’s fast and robust, and has many excellent extensions you can get from the Chrome Web Store. For web developers it offers some  great inspector and debugging tools. And its support for writing your own extensions is outstanding (tho they could organize the documentation better).

Sublime Text 3  is so much more than a text editor, but doesn’t have all the baggage or heavy footprint of an IDE. It makes it easy to edit source code and manage even large projects with hundreds of files. It has fast global searches (with regex support), instantaneous “find function definition”. It handles multiple insertion points so you can make similar edits to a number of lines at the same time. One of things I use it for is to extract specific lines from large log files, say lines that contain ” 404 “: I find and select one occurance of that string, hit Command-F to find, hit Control-Command-g to select all occurances, hit Command-l to expand those selections to include the entire line, Command-C to copy, then I can paste just those lines into a new file… voila. Amazing program, saves me a bunch of time and I’m sure I’m only using a fraction of its features.

The Transmit FTP client makes file transfer to and from web servers as fast and simple as it could be. It’s also a beautiful app that’s a pleasure to use.

1Password remembers all my internet passwords for me, and integrates right into Chrome (and Firefox, and Safari). When I get to a site that asks for my login, I hit Command-\ and 1Password logs in for me.

I use Sketch to create new app and web graphics, mockups and illustrations. It’s powerful, intuitive, and way easier to use than Photoshop or Illustrator. It creates png graphics, pdfs and even resolution independant svg files. Heart.

I’ve been using Pixelmator more and more instead of Photoshop to touch up and resize photos. It’s wicked fast and way more lightweight than Photoshop. About the only thing I use Photoshop for these days is to open and edit existing psd files; if I’m creating something from scratch I reach for either Sketch or Pixelmator.




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