I’ve been enjoying the Kleptones’ mashup “Night at the Hip-Hopera” for the last few months, and they’ve just released “From Detroit to J.A.” which sounds great too.

I just ran across a mashup video of the Beatles’ “Paperback Writer” and The Monkee’s “I’m a Believer;” check it out.

Most mashups need to be hunted down (Google is a good place to start), and require you to learn a little about BitTorrents. But if your ears are tired of the same old thing and you want to hear something fresh and interesting, it’ll well be worth it.

Update March 1: Here’s a video mashup of Rambo audio and Iraqi war footage. Also a nice mashup of the Beatles’ Revolver album: Revolved.

Update March 4: Cool mashup of the Beatles For No One, Scissor Sisters’ Take Your Mama, George Michael’s Freedeom 90 and Aretha Franklin’s Think. It’s amazing how it all comes together: No One Takes Your Freedom.

Update March 5: Discovered CDX2, a great site with dozens of mashup downloads!