Moving Pains

In a mostly painless move, now lives at Jagfly.

In a mostly painless move, we’ve successfully moved the website to Jagfly, a wonderful web host in Amherst, MA. The actual move went really well, and I got the site copied over with too much fuss, got cgi scripts working, and setup a MySQL database and WordPress for the blog. There was a brief glitch when I succeeded in locking myself out of the site, but Sheldon at Jagfly straightened things out and all is now good.

What triggered all this was getting the ** domain name a few weeks ago, and wanting a place to host it. Since I’d sent a number of my clients to Jagfly and they’re great to work with, it only made sense to host it there. And if I’m gonna move one domain to a new host, why not move three?

So anyway, I’m liking the new digs and it’s great to be here.

Speaking of digs, have you checked out It’s my new favorite site, kind of like slashdot with a bit of fark thrown in, with a Web 2.0 feel to it. Check it out.