Past Lives: Milton Bradley's Championship Baseball

This email came in a couple days ago:

Dear Dave,

    I was talking with Mike L____ who mentioned that you programmed the “Championship Baseball” game for the MBX system back in the early 80s. I currently run a TI-99/4A video game website on the Internet and would love to hear from someone such as yourself that was involved with the industry back then, especially working on the incredible MBX system! Championship Baseball was the most famous out of all the games made on the MBX, so it should be a blast to hear from the actual programmer! In addition, if you might be interested in talking with Mike again after all these years I can pass on his contact information. Should be fun talking! BTW, I just completed a review of Championship Baseball on the Internet for the Classic Videogaming Magazine called Retrogaming Times, it’s coming up in the February issue.

Bryan Roppolo

MBX Championship BaseballMy last “real job” was twenty years ago working for Milton Bradley in their Electronic Games division, and the last project I worked on for them was the above-mentioned Championship Baseball game in 1983. I was never quite sure if it made its way onto store shelves (such is the nature of game development). Google even turned up another review of the game!

I’m reminded yet again that once created, these things take on a life of their own.