Crazy Fridge

About a month ago the Shiny New Fridge stopped dispensing water for no apparent reason, although it continued to happily serve ice cubes. Around then the fan started getting louder. Actually it got loader for a few seconds, then softer, then louder, running for minutes at a time. Since the fridge is only one omg, *two* years old, it seemed weird for it to crap out like that.

The repair guy came out to look at it last week, and reported that the freezer door and the water line inside it were frozen. He said the door seemed poorly insulated and called General Electric service and tried to get them to replace the doors for free, but they wouldn’t have any part of it (I would have been surprised if they had, actually). He recommended taking the door off and setting it by the woodstove for a while until the water melted (and storing the food in a safe, cold place like, um, outside). The price of a new door would be more than 2/3 the price of a new fridge, so that wasn’t an option.

For the heck of it I turned the freezer dial down a click or two to see what would happen.

For the next few days I checked the water dispenser from time to time, and 3 days later I was pleasantly surprised to see water stream out. Without having to take off the door, may I add!

Winter Camping?

The Good: The shiny new refrigerator arrived the other day, and it’s working out great. And today we got local channels on DirecTV, so Calvin can watch Simpsons and we can watch the SuperBowl! Whoops, too late for that (luckily Jon and Briar invited us to their SuperBowl Party — thanks guys!).

The Bad: The furnace kicked the bucket last night, and we have no heat or hot water.

Well, it’s actually not so bad, tho it is a challenge keeping the house warm with just a little woodstove. The furnace was old when we moved in, and we’ll be a lot better off replacing it. Unfortunately winter is the busiest season for the furnace people, and it’s tough getting somebody to come out before next week. Two different guys are coming by tomorrow morning to take a look at it, and we’re hoping to get heat and hot water back soon.

In the meantime we’re just keeping the woodstove going, putting on an extra layer and heating pans of water for spongebaths. Luckily it’s not too cold outside (20s-30s), way better than if it was 20 below!

“It’s part of life here” — heard on a radio commercial this morning

Update 10pm: If you boil enough water on the stove you can take a bath without a hot water heater. Isn’t this how they did it a hundred years ago?

Update Thursday: The Benoure brothers install the new furnace first thing tomorrow morning. Thank you!

Update Friday, 6pm: The furnace is installed, heat and hot water are back, I’m off to take a very long hot shower…

Major Appliances

Our old refrigerator is going downhill fast. A few months ago the handle pulled off and refused to stay on, so I took the damn thing off. And lately little jars and bottles have been crashing to the floor because the plastic things that hold them to the door shelf keep coming loose. And last month I noticed we were replacing the fridge bulb a little to often, and it turned out the light wasn’t going out when you closed the door (a taped a little piece of plastic to the door to fix that, but it’s a hack). It came with the house and certainly doesn’t owe us anything.

GE fridgeIt’s become obvious even to me that we need a new fridge. So tonite we headed over to Home Depot and picked out a GE side-by-side that Robin was lobbying for, with stainless steel doors and a fancy ice dispenser. We won’t get it for two weeks, but at least we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. If not inside the closed fridge…