Casa de Rane

It was great hearing Rane play at Club Metronome last Friday, it had definitely been to long since they’ve been up and the music as always was superb. They all came back to the house afterwards and played cards way later than I could stay up, unfortunately. I love leisurely Saturday mornings with a houseful of Rane and friends, and get a kick out of making breakfast for them. They’d persuaded Wade and Jen to come back, and it was so good to catch up with all of them. They all know me as Unka Dave, a title I’m proud to wear.

Dan gave Calvin a bass lesson, which they both enjoyed, and it was great to see him being a mentor to the boy.

The band brought Kelly and Jordan up with them on Friday, and we got to hang with them and share Nectar’s fries, Club Met, a tour of Magic Hat brewery and a fine dinner at Roque’s before we dropped them off at the train station Sunday morning. A wonderful, full weekend, and it was a pleasure having them up, tho their visit was way too brief.

I had a brief anxiety attack an hour later when Kelly called to say she’d accidentally taken my MacBook instead of hers. I considered trying to overtake the train in my car, but realized that with the lead it had I wouldn’t catch up until Springfield, MA, a seven hour round trip. I realized I could actually work just fine on her laptop, and will only be without my Macbook for a week, since we’ll be visiting them next weekend.

It’s a quiet Monday morning now, gray and cold outside, just me and Julie and the dogs. I miss having a houseful of dear wonderful people, our extended family, and look forward to the next time they’re all up.

Wade & Jen's Wedding

This was a perfect early fall day for these two lovebirds to get married. The ceremony was very sweet, out on a grassy hill under a clear blue Vermont sky. Seconds after Jen started reading her vows there wasn’t a dry eye among us. Very touching, very heartfelt, very beautiful.

Rane was there, of course, and it was great seeing the boys and their girlfriends (who we hardly ever get to see). All in all, an incredible day with some wonderful people.

Happy wedding day, Wade and Jen! We love you and wish you much joy and happiness.


Last night I took Calvin and Gage to catch the Rane show at Nectar’s. Great music and a great performance, they even played a couple songs from their upcoming album. A high point was when Jen Hartswick joined the band onstage and belted out “Pieces of Me,” the song Ashlee Simpson had problems with on Saturday Night Live. The kids enjoyed the show, I’m glad they went.

Afterwards the band came back to the house and I stayed up way past my bedtime to hang with them. I love it when Rane is in town, they’re a great bunch of guys and it makes my week having them stay here.

They had to head out early this morning, something about Bowman picking up a cat for his girlfriend Cory, and they gave him the expected amount of shit for that. It’s too bad they had to leave so soon, I feel bad they didn’t get to have breakfast before heading out.

Thanks guys, I’m already looking forward to your next gig here in VT.

Update 2/21: fixed typo and added links (thanks Robin).

A Full House

Sometimes Everything Happens At Once.

Katy’s play opens Friday night, and Julie is coming home from Maine to see it. On Thursday, Robin’s sister Lori comes up from Florida with Emma and Kara to visit for a long weekend.

This afternoon my nephew Dan called to tell us his band Rane is coming up from CT to play at Nectar’s on Friday. They’ll be staying with us too, as they usually do when they’re in town. I love it when they play, and I’m hoping Calvin and Gage will be want to go hear them play as well.

Let’s see, that brings us up to, um, thirteen or so in the house. Sure, we can handle that!