Addicted to LOST

This has been around for a while, but I just discovered it last week. Rumor is that ABC put this together as a promo for LOST, but whoever made did a great job:

“Addicted to LOST”:1


LOST, But Catching Up

On a whim, Robin and I rented the first DVD for the TV series _Lost_ a couple weeks ago. We were hooked in the first five minutes, and had to restrain ourselves to make the first season last a whole two weeks.

But what to do about the second season? It won’t be released on DVD until September, and the thought of waiting three months without a fix watching new episodes was just out of the question. Catching reruns on TV would be painfully slow, and also out of the question. We love instant gratification, but how to get it? Download Season Two from the iTunes Music Store, of course!

Having downloaded way too much lots of music from iTMS already I was already familiar with the process, and bought the entire season with the click of a button (they do make it easy, don’t they?). But downloading the first episode took forever, and it stopped in the middle 7 or 8 times and needed to be nudged. Luckily the download resumed from where it left off but it was still a pain, and it took what seemed like forever but was probably more like a half hour to finish downloading. Not quite instant gratification, and comparisons with watching a pot waiting for it to boil came to mind. Still, it finally finished, I copied the episode over to the iPod, and we headed to the movie room to watch it.

The quality was surprisingly good, better than VHS but not nearly as crisp as DVD. The volume seemed low and I had to crank the sound system for these aging ears to hear the quieter dialog. I missed being able to turn on subtitles, but it was far easier to fast forward and rewind than a DVD.

The episode was great, of course, taking the series in a bunch of new directions and introducing a lot of new elements; this looks to be an interesting and wonderful season. When it was over, the Lost Craving continued, and I decided to bite the bullet and go back to yet another painful download. When I went back to the Powerbook I was pleasantly surprised to discover episode 2 had already finished downloading, and it was halfway done with episode 3. We watched both, of course, but by then it was after midnight and we decided to save more for another time.

It seems the best way to download episodes is not to anxiously watch over them, but to just let them download in the background at their own pace.

The "Family Guy" Guy

Last night I went with Calvin and his friend Sol to see Seth MacFarlane give a talk at UVM. Seth is the creative genius behind “Family Guy,” and he’s a funny guy and an entertaining speaker. It was interesting to hear about his background and the history of Family Guy, and of course he worked in a few bits in the voices of Peter and Stewie. An unexpected treat was when he screened the upcoming premier episode to be aired this Sunday. The episode was really funny, and it was delightful to watch it with a couple thousand thousand college kids.

Afterwards the Q&A was entertaining as well, with some questioners doing impressions, some pitching ideas, and one English guy asking how to get hooked up with the “high quality English porn” mentioned in the episode.

They boys were thrilled to get autographs (one on Sol’s sneaker!), and enjoy it possibly even more than I did.

Growing pains: music servers and puppies

Four years ago I spent $200 on a 30gig hard drive for our music server (which ran on some customed-designed software named 3mer, but that’s a whole other story). We’ve finally outgrown that drive, and a random trip to Best Buy (for the Invader Zim DVD) turned up an 80gig drive for $29 after rebates! This is amazing, and we should now have plenty of music storage for a few more years.

And puppy Carley, who will be five months old on the 29th, is getting bigger and more dog-like all the time. Her fur is getting some curl to it and her face looks more grown up. She understands two commands, sit and shake, and we’re working on speak! for a very practical reason: so she can let us know vocally when she needs to go out.

Update: Looks like the old playlists got lost in the move; I think there’s a way to get them back but it could be way more work than I’d like.