WordPress 2.13

Time to upgrade WordPress again, this time to 2.13. Ya, I know the upgrade is a month old already, but who has time to stay on top of these things? (sigh)

*UPDATE May 25:*
And three weeks later it’s time to upgrade to WordPress 2.2 (sigh).


Last night I installed the Simple Tagging WordPress plugin as an experiment. Then, of course, I had to go back and tag all my blog posts, and add tag cloud in the sidebar.

After seeing how many tags were in the tag cloud I went back and consolidated tags; the Kate, Julie and Calvin tags became simply ‘kids’, and I dropped a lot of tags I used only once (like Boston and TextMate).

That brought the cloud down to a reasonable size, but by then it was 1:45am and I could barely keep my eyes open.

This morning I’m pleased at how it looks, and realize that tags are much more flexible and specific than categories. The plugin makes it easy to add tags to a post, to create new tags, and to consolidate, replace and delete tags. And that tag cloud looks mighty cool and trendy.

The Simple Tagging plugin was easy to install and use. The documentation make it easy to tweak my theme templates by adding the appropriate Simple Tagging PHP function calls to display the tags for each post, and add the tag cloud to the sidebar. Even at 1am, when I’m far from my freshest.

It’s a great plugin, I’d highly recommend it!

WordPress 2.02

Successfully upgraded the blog to WordPress 2.02 this morning, it only took about ten minutes. Only glitch was a problem where the weather plugin has a problem updating its cache file; commenting out the cache update code solved that problem. Anyway, this version is supposed to be more secure and even run a bit faster, so we’ll see.

With the increase in spam comments (600+ in the last month), I’ve bumped the spam check settings so that if a comment looks like spam (has words like poker, casino or mortgage, or meets any number of other criteria) commenters will be asked to enter a Captcha code, where they have to enter the letters presented in a distorted image. A pain, but it’s for my own sanity…

WordPress 2.0

I finally got around to upgrading the blog to WordPress 2.0. It was painless, took about a half hour, and I got a chance to upgrade to SpamKarma 2.1 (which does a fine job of capturing spam comments so neither you nor I see or have to deal with them).

WordPress 1.5 & A New Look

The blog is now purring along after upgrading to WordPress 1.5. The upgrade went quite smoothly (breathes sigh of relief), all the posts and comments came along for the ride and hopefully the spam filters will continue working as well as they did before.

I’ve been customizing the default Kubrick theme, making it my own. Sterile blue and gray gave way to green, blue and brown earth tones. The original, too-tall banner is now shorter, and has a photo of the front yard as its background.

And the CSS, as usual, is taking longer than it should.

Blog on the move

As nice as Blogger is, I’ve decided to move my blog to the microseeds site and use WordPress blogging software. The big gain of doing this is that it’s much easier to leave comments, plus it gives me a lot more options. The big loss, tho, is that WordPress doesn’t have lots of pretty page templates like Blogger…

Geeky note: I like the layout of the Silver Is The New Black theme, tho its monochrome look is pretty boring so I hacked some color into it. In Firefox and Mozilla you’ll see boxes with nice rounded corners, but Safari (my favorite browser on the Mac) doesn’t recognize the “rounded corner” attribute 🙁