The "Family Guy" Guy

Last night I went with Calvin and his friend Sol to see Seth MacFarlane give a talk at UVM. Seth is the creative genius behind “Family Guy,” and he’s a funny guy and an entertaining speaker. It was interesting to hear about his background and the history of Family Guy, and of course he worked in a few bits in the voices of Peter and Stewie. An unexpected treat was when he screened the upcoming premier episode to be aired this Sunday. The episode was really funny, and it was delightful to watch it with a couple thousand thousand college kids.

Afterwards the Q&A was entertaining as well, with some questioners doing impressions, some pitching ideas, and one English guy asking how to get hooked up with the “high quality English porn” mentioned in the episode.

They boys were thrilled to get autographs (one on Sol’s sneaker!), and enjoy it possibly even more than I did.