The Rock Man (and his little friend)

A few weeks ago the town redug the ditches culverts alongside our dirt road, and they put the leftover dirt and stone at the end of the road. I helped Tom move a few of the larger stones, where they found their way to his front stairs. Last week we noticed that someone had made a Rock Man out of some of the smaller stones, a sculpture about a foot tall. I went down there today to take some photos, and the Rock Man had been joined by a smaller friend.

There are also a few small cairns along the road now, perhaps the work of the same person that made Rock Man, or someone inspired by their work.

See this photo and more at the Fall Gallery page.

4 thoughts on “The Rock Man (and his little friend)”

  1. hey papa, i saw your ROCKMAN!! owww owww!!

    heres dan and my song about the rockman:

    oh yeah rockman,
               you live at the end of my street, man,
               i wish i only had a big van
               so i could steal you in the middle of the night
               and take you to my house
               to have you in my living room, DAMN!
      maybe you and the little rock man
               could have some baby rock mans
               and you could all decorate Toms front yard
               with some rocks in your hands
               because thats what rockmans do, pookie!

    hope you liked it! love, jules

  2. Greetings lovies!

    I must admit, that I, too am a fan of rock man. I think we should band together and build a little rock dog to accompany the little rock men.

    Great poem, btw Jules. Who knew??


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