Vermont Summer

Summer has arrived in full force and all at once. Temperatures are now typically in the eighties, and the humidity is high. The pool feels great when it’s this hot, and a challenge now is keeping the pool cool with the sun beating down on it all day.

Hobee is walking around all nappy and shorn, and both he and Carley spend a lot of time in the pond getting cool and muddy. And the mud comes into the house with them, where it dries and falls off and covers the floor with a fine layer of dirt which needs to then be swept once or twice a day. Since Carley loves to come up on the bed in the morning, bringing the joy of grit with her. (sigh)

Summer means lots of grilling, swimming, and being out in the sun. It’s a great time to be in Vermont, and I usually resist various pulls to get me out of state, and try instead to get people to come visit us here and share this experience. And it’s also an excuse to grill/smoke more food, not that I need an excuse of course.

My challenge is to stay on top of keeping the outside in shape, which mainly means keeping the pool clean (and chemically balanced), and the lawn mowed. At the moment both are in great shape, and I can relax and enjoy them.

And relaxing is what summer is all about.