WordPress 2.02

Successfully upgraded the blog to WordPress 2.02 this morning, it only took about ten minutes. Only glitch was a problem where the weather plugin has a problem updating its cache file; commenting out the cache update code solved that problem. Anyway, this version is supposed to be more secure and even run a bit faster, so we’ll see.

With the increase in spam comments (600+ in the last month), I’ve bumped the spam check settings so that if a comment looks like spam (has words like poker, casino or mortgage, or meets any number of other criteria) commenters will be asked to enter a Captcha code, where they have to enter the letters presented in a distorted image. A pain, but it’s for my own sanity…

2 thoughts on “WordPress 2.02”

  1. I run 5 wordpress blogs myself so I understand completley what you mean about spam post. I recently went to alter an existing post in one of my blogs only to find that it had a whole bunch of spam urls hidden with the css disply none tag. If I had not of checked I would have had no idea that this was going on.

    Upgrading to the latest version of wordpress did the trick but I had to check every existing post and clear out the spam which took me two days.

    What a damn pain.

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