About Microseeds

At Microseeds we believe that web sites should not only be useful, but approachable and easy to use, and (just maybe) even fun. Over the years we‘ve learned quite a bit about technology and making it easy to use, and we really love working with clients and creating solutions that match their needs and fit their budget.

The folks that really make our work shine are the award-winning designers like Tag New Media, and Corey Machanic (who designed this site). We love working with these talented and creative people, and highly recommend them.

A Short History of Microseeds

Dave Winzler started Microseeds back in 1978 to develop software for the new personal computers from Apple. In fact the company name has it roots in that era, coming from MICROcomputers and SEEDS of knowledge (the obvious choice, MICROcomputer SOFTware had already been taken by some kid at Harvard). Since those early days Microseeds has developed software and web sites for some amazing clients all across the planet.

In 1984 Apple released the first Mac, and for us it was love at first sight. Hayden Software asked us to develop the Hayden Speller, which turned out to be one of the first 100 programs sold for the Mac. In 1985 we developed the drivers for the first MacBottom hard disks, and went on to write an entire series of utility programs for a number of Mac hardware and software companies.

In 1988 we formed Microseeds Publishing, with Robin Lane at the helm, to market our own line of utility software. The flagship product was the best selling Redux backup program, renowned for being reliable and powerful and very easy to use. A number of hard drive manufacturers licensed Redux to bundle with their disks, and between unit sales and OEM licenses MicroPub sold over a million copies of Redux! Apple liked it so much they asked us to develop a slimmed-down version they called Apple Backup which they then shipped with all their computers back in the early 1990s.

In 1994 Robin discovered the World Wide Web, and was convinced that it was going to be big. Dave was skeptical at first, but finally came around (something she continues to rib him about), and he now jokes about the days before he could spell HTML. In early 1995 Darryl Peck sent us his business plan for an online software store called Cyberian Outpost, and wanted to know if Microseeds was interested in developing it. Time was short but we thought Darryl had a great idea, and just five weeks later we launched the site to rave reviews. Things changed quickly in the halcyon days of the dot-com boom, and cybout.com evolved to outpost.com, and now it's owned by Fry Electronics.

Since that first web site Microseeds has worked on many more sites sites and created technology pieces like shopping carts, dealer locators, e-card systems, content management systems, and database-driven solutions of all shapes and sizes. We love creating new solutions, and making existing ones even better.