The SeedsEngine

The SeedsEngine is more than just an ecommerce package, it's a complete and easy to use system that manages yourentire web site, including the online catalog, sales and promos, customer information, presentation and all site content.

Online Catalog

It's important that your online catalog, prices and promotions reflect what customers see in your print catalog. The SeedsEngine offers a variety of “triggers” that offer customers personalized pricing, including catalog key codes and special Promo and Coupon codes. Built-in offers include:

  • Quantity discounts
  • $-off or %-off (with optional minimum purchase)
  • $-off or %-off product X for buying product Y
  • Free shipping, Half-price shipping, or $-off shipping (with optional minimum purchase)
  • Buy 2 / Get 1 free (or Buy 3, etc)
  • Free gift with minimum purchase (supports multiple gifts and minimums)

Note: Offers can have an optional expiration date, and can be reusable or once-only.

A Web Catalog That Works Like Your Print Catalog

Your online catalog prices and promotions reflect those in your print catalog. Customers can enter a catalog key code to get the pricing from a specific catalog, and you have complete control over dates each of those catalogs is available.

Web Site Under Your Control

The SeedsEngine lets you and your staff make real-time changes to your site. Change product information and pricing, offers and promotions, and site content without waiting for somebody else to get around to it. You can:

  • Change product names, headlines, copy, photos, etc
  • Change product prices, qty price breaks, and sale prices
  • Sale prices are automatically flagged as slashed-out regular price and hilighted sale price
  • Tag products as NEW, ON SALE, EXCLUSIVE, NOT AVAILABLE, etc
  • Control which products appear on the Home and Collection pages, and listing order
  • No limit to the number of Collections a product can appear in
  • Cross-link each product to related products and Collections

Leverage Collections To Boost Sales

Use Product Collections pages to showcase New Items, Best Sellers, Gift Suggestions, Holiday Offers, or anything else you'd like! Since there is no limit to the number of Collections each product can be in, this is an excellent way to promote and feature your products and boost sales! Of course you have complete control over Collections:

  • Create and change Collection pages as needed
  • Assign a headline, hero image and copy to each Collection
  • Add products to a Collection, and reorder or remove them
  • Add or remove a Collection link from the site navigation (sidebar, top tab, plug, etc)

Customer Friendly

We use the latest web technology to personalize each customer's experience on the site, presenting custom content, pricing and offers based on their latest catalog, their order history, their catalog key code, or the special email offer they came in from. You can even choose to have all site pages display a list of recently viewed products, making it very easy for them to go back and see a product again. And Order Tracking and Order History make it easy for customers to find their current and past orders.

Boost Sales With Cross-sells & Upsells

The SeedsEngine makes it easy to link related products, so customers can see similar products or other recommended products they might be interested in. The SeedsEngine can automatically build cross-sell tables based on actual orders, making it easy to generate “customers who bought X also bought Y” cross-sells on your site, and of course the SeedsEngine is smart enough to not offer them an upsell they already have in their Cart or their order history!

Enhanced Product Content

The SeedsEngine makes it easy to associate enhanced product content with each product page. Easily add product specs to manufactured items, or nutritional info or recipes to food products. Various sized product images can be displayed, from small thumbnails on Collection pages to hero images on Product Pages, to large images that open in their own windows. The SeedsEngine even supports customer-supplied Flash animations, QuickTime movies, YouTube videos, and more!

Update Site Content Quickly & Easily

Create and manage your site content, blog, or editorial pages whenever you want, without knowing any HTML or requiring an outside editor like DreamWeaver or FrontPage. The SeedsEngine also makes it easy to add links to any other page on the site, insert product photos and even “Buy Me” buttons.

And More!

Depending on your needs, we also offer a number of add-on modules and widgets to enhance your site, including: weblogs (blog) and feeds, designs gallery, electronic cards, Mix and Match product pickers, and more! And if your site needs a unique new feature we'd be happy to create it for you!